November 2016 - Subway Gallery Opens

In mid-November we started showing items on the outside of the Coney Island studio building. This was a few days after Trump won, so the appropriate image to start with was a close-up from "Trump - Time To Get Tough, II, no. 1" [TTG2, n.1] which is a reflection of the cover photo of his book by the same name. The original image is also the one (or similar to the one) that was used often in his campaign. I created TTG2, n.1 in the early days of 2016, January or February.

Family and friends worried about violence to the building, since this is a Sanders neighborhood. My gallery faces the D, F, N and Q lines, just where they all make the final turn into the Coney Island, Stillwell Avenue mega-station. We have designed it so images are displayed about 20 feet above the street, just at eye level for those passengers on the right hand side of the elevated train. Alas, no tweets from Trump.