Rapunzel II

Artist Statement

“I use the process of photographing people or images, reflected in an uneven mirror surface to disrupt their normal appearance. Within the reflections I find interesting or unexpected elements that were hiding inside the original.

This powerful methodology allows me to dissect, distill, magnify, replicate and otherwise explore various aspects of those examined. The results are presented as single images or collections. In the end, each of my photographs, no matter how unfamiliar or unusual, carries with it a valid — an unassailable — measure of truth. For every particle of the final result came from some part of the entity posed in front of my mirror.”


Background of the Artist

Nick Monjo has been the primary photographer, writer and/or editor for a series of magazines he started in the late-1970’s. Early on, to obscure his identity as the only one producing all the photographs for a series of fashion publications, Monjo used the name O.J. Nom with which to credit himself. Unrecognized at the time, this semordnilap predicted a future direction of his art. As the 1990’s ended, he began experimenting with distorting the images he was using in his publications. This led him to embark on a series of fashion photographs that utilized different types of mirrors. He photographed the reflections of his models in concave and convex mirrors. He had them hold or stand on mirrors. His assistants carried large framed mirrors through the streets of Manhattan while he photographed the models reflected within. And he shot models reflected in distorted mirrored surfaces hung inside his studio. Much of his art today utilizes this latter technique, in which the mirrored surfaces are manipulated in different ways to distort the reflected images of his subjects before they reach the camera.