Portraits, Photographic Caricatures

                                                           Nick n.23, 2018 

                                                          Nick n.23, 2018 



From time to time I do commissioned portraits of individuals, groups or families. Usually these are done in the Coney Island studio. But I can also work from existing photographs or even selfies. For example, the portrait above began as a selfie. I enlarged and printed the image, then photographed its reflection in one of my distorted mirrors.  

My technique requires me to work with one person or image at a time. Later, multiple images can then be assembled in a variety of ways. (See Hamilton n. 100 to see the variety of faces I found when photographing the engraving on the $10 bill, as well as an example of how many images can be combined in a single piece).

Contact me at (718) 676-4444 to discuss.